UAE holdings in US bonds up 24% MoM in August

SectorFinancial Markets
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

The UAE's holdings in the US Treasury bonds reached $29.529bn in July 18 October 2020 11:32 AM UAE – Mubasher: The UAE has raised its holdings of the US Treasury bonds by 23.9% month-on-month (MoM) or $7.05 billion to $36.576 billion by the end of August. The UAE's holdings in the US Treasury bonds reached $29.529 billion in July, according to the latest data by the US Department of the Treasury. In the first four months of 2020 and in June, the UAE has lowered its investments in the US debt instruments by $14.45 billion, while the country has increased its purchases of the US bonds by about $1.662 billion in May. Through the US bonds, money and debts are raised from countries and institutions, and the US government repays them at a specified maturity date. more...