WhatsApp down in UAE? Users unable to send messages through app, web

  • Date: 04-Apr-2024
  • Source: Khaleej Times
  • Sector:Financial Markets
  • Country:UAE
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WhatsApp down in UAE? Users unable to send messages through app, web

Published: Wed 3 Apr 2024, 10:39 PM Last updated: Wed 3 Apr 2024, 11:05 PM

Thousands of users of the widely-used instant messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Meta, are experiencing widespread outages. Users globally are voicing their frustration as they encountered difficulties accessing the app through mobile devices and web browsers.

As of now, the cause of the outage remains unclear, leaving millions of users unable to utilise the platform for communication. Meta has yet to issue an official statement regarding the situation.

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Downdetector, a popular website that tracks web outages, showed a spike in users reporting an issue with WhatsApp services.

Acknowledging the issue, in a statement, WhatsApp said: "We know some people are experiencing issues right now, we're working on getting things back to 100% for everyone as quickly as possible."

Dubai resident, Nasreen said she initially faced problems sending messages to groups. However, she soon realised she could not communicate with anyone through the instant messaging app.

Abu Dhabi resident S Jalil said, "All my messages remained undelivered; I kept wondering if the issue was my home telecom network or whether my phone lost connection."

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