Clothing, footwear sector banks on White Friday sales

SourceJordan Times
SectorFinancial Services


MAN — Trade activity in local markets and online stores is expected to increase in the coming two days due to the White Friday sales, according to the clothing, footwear and jewellery sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce. Shoppers are expected to increase their visits to the market in the coming two days, the sector’s representative Asad Qawasmi said on Sunday. “The first two days have been slow, but things will start to pick up soon,” Qawasmi told The Jordan Times. Arab countries prefer to describe the last Friday in November as White Friday, as opposed to Black Friday, Qawasmi noted  He added that the occasion covers the entire Kingdom. The White Friday started in Jordan this year on Saturday due to the weekly nationwide lockdown on Friday that is imposed by the government. The White Friday, which includes sales from 20 to 70 per cent, will end on November 30, according to Qawasmi. He pointed out that other reasons for the slow traffic during the first two days was that people have not received their salaries yet. “There is also the health factor and the fact that some people are afraid to go out that often because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.  “We are more...