Jordan’s silica sand deposits offer multibillion-dollar investment opportunity


Jordan’s silica sand deposits offer multibillion-dollar investment opportunity

NNA - High-purity silica sand in southern Jordan is estimated to be worth billions of dollars, providing a strong incentive for both international and domestic investors.

Research shows that there is a high return on investment for silica (quartz sand). It is estimated that there are 12 billion tons of high purity silica deposits in the southern Ma'an Governorate, with 22,000 tons used by the local market each year. 

The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission reports that in 2021, a total of 68,800 metric tons of high purity silica were manufactured.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has been able to upgrade silica purity in the Dabbet Hanout / Ras Al-Naqab area to 99.62 percent and is aiming for 99.99 percent purity.

This is part of a three-pronged effort begun in February 2022 by the ministry to reevaluate silica ore in light of international markets’ demand for ultra-pure silica ore of greater than 99.9 percent.

The Ministry's research and analysis showed that Jordanian silica ores have low levels of mineral impurities, so purifying them to greater than 99 percent wouldn't incur a significant financial burden.

The purity of Jordanian silica samples processed by a Canadian laboratory (SGS) was upgraded from 95-98 percent (natural form) to

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