Kuwaiti women playing an important role in society


Kuwaiti women playing an important role in society

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti women play an important role in society and have made significant contributions to various fields in the country. In recent years, Kuwaiti women have gained more opportunities to participate in politics, business and other sectors of society. In an exclusive interview, Municipal Councilmember Sharifa Al-Shalfan told Kuwait Times that Kuwaiti women have been proving themselves since the sixties, when they were among the first Gulf women to study abroad in Britain, Egypt and Lebanon.

“Kuwaiti women are now ambassadors, ministers and bank executives in the private sector. Kuwaiti women’s achievements have reached the highest levels. Today, the confidence of the Kuwaiti leadership is appreciated in supporting women to enhance these achievements. The presence of women in these positions is important, because it gives young girls encouragement and motivation that women are capable of anything,” she said.

Shalfan is one of four women appointed to the Kuwait Municipal Council for the first time. She said women are now offering a new point of view to the council. “The presence of women today in the Municipal Council contributed to the interest in the environmental aspect, as women see the current problems from another perspective,” she said.

“The woman is a mother,

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