The man seeking to breathe new life into Lebanon’s manufacturing sector

SourceArabian Business

The Cedar Oxygen (CO) initiative emerged during a dire economic and financial crisis that has overwhelmed Lebanon since the end of 2019. The fund took shape in early 2020 as a private and independent alternative financing platform seeded by its founder Alexandre Harkous, a successful serial entrepreneur and an international co-founding team of experts. Cedar Oxygen will act as a catalyst in promoting the “Made in Lebanon” brand and the Lebanese industrial sector globally by creating new export development opportunities in collaboration with the Association of Industrialists and other stakeholders. Initially, its focus will be on manufacturers of value-add products in food processing, metal and electrical manufacturing, construction materials, chemicals, wood and furniture, mining, quarrying products, paper, printing and publishing, clothing and textiles, rubber and plastics, basic metals, containers and packaging, health and more...