Lawmakers have been discussing second $1,200 stimulus checks for 5 months. Why those payments are still uncertain

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Millions of Americans are hoping another $1,200 stimulus check will make it to their bank accounts.Whether that happens or not depends on Congress.Republicans, Democrats and the White House still have not been able to strike a compromise on how much to spend and where to provide aid for the next coronavirus stimulus package.That means the fate of another round of one-time payments hangs in the balance.More from Your Money Mindset:What to know before investing stimulus moneyConsider these factors before accepting an early retirement packageMany forced to raid retirement money amid pandemicCongress approved the first disbursement of $1,200 checks with the CARES Act that was passed in March. The payments were targeted at low- to middle-income individuals and families. Individuals and married couples who file jointly were eligible for up to more...