Dubai-based fintech YAP launches region’s ‘first’ virtual card

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Dubai-based fintech YAP launches region’s ‘first’ virtual card

Dubai-based neobank YAP announced on Sunday that it has launched the region’s “first virtual card” as part of the rollout of new features. Each virtual card has its own unique card number, expiration date and a distinct card verification value (CVV). Users can set spending limits by topping up their cards with the amount of money they plan on spending on a specific transaction. They can stop adding money when they no longer want to subscribe to a service. YAP users can also create multiple virtual cards for shopping categories or websites to improve security, a statement said. The cards are customisable with different designs and colors. YAP, which launched earlier this year, is now “onboarding hundreds per day”, the statement said. The app – available on iOS and Android – offers features such as analytics and budget tools, card controls, money transfers and real-time notifications of purchases. It has also collaborated with banking partners in various regions to provide IBAN and BIN sponsorship for users. It is now planning to launch a series of new features over the next few months to boost the digital banking experience for users. “A significant portion of online shoppers in the region have

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