UAE: Most employees have a second job or business, expert says

UAE: Most employees have a second job or business, expert says

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Published: Thu 23 May 2024, 6:00 AM

In the UAE private sector, it is not uncommon for employees to have a side hustle. Recruitment experts said that it is important for employees and job-seekers to discuss this with potential employers during the interview process.

Kameron Hutchinson, recruitment director at Allsopp & Allsopp, advised job seekers to be upfront during interviews.

"You should research the employer you're considering; if they have a strict policy that requires 100% of your time, that's not the right employer for you," Hutchinson told Khaleej Times.

Hutchinson noted that the key is to ensure that the full-time job remains the main focus.

"You should not be misleading during an interview. If you can give 100 per cent of what the employer requires and you have some time and energy left over to do something on the side, follow your passion and go for it," he said.

When asked about how common it is for employers to have a second source of income in the UAE, Hutchinson noted that it is very common. He also noted that private sector policies are changing.

"It's already happening — many corporates and firms are changing their policies to allow people to