Bahrain community urged to take the COVID-19 vaccine


Head of the Medical Services at Primary Health Care Centers, Dr. Hala Al-Jassim,  renewed her call on the community to register to take the COVID-19 vaccine, which is provided free of charge to all citizens and residents in two doses, as part of the national efforts to fight the novel coronavirus. Dr. Al-Jassim noted the importance of assuming national responsibility for the sake of the homeland and for the safety of everyone.

She called on everyone to register for taking the vaccine, which is a protection for all members of the society from the virus. She noted that people wishing to take the vaccine, who are aged 18 years and above, can register through the website of the Ministry of Health or the BeAware Bahrain application or by calling 444. Dr. Al-Jassim indicated that, in line with the national vaccination plan, the vaccines had been provided in healthcare centers while facilitating procedures for taking them for all citizens and residents voluntarily and free of charge. She stressed that human health is a top priority for the government which is keen on preserving the health and safety of all members of the society and protecting them from diseases and epidemics. more...