Neuroscience Reveals People Who Make the Right Choice Between These 2 Things Learn Faster and Retain Information Better


That's why many small business owners take advantage of the fact  exercise helps them perform better under stress . That exercising at moderate intensity for 20 minutes  elevates their mood for up to 12 hours . That exercise  increases the production of a protein that supports  the function, growth, and survival of brain cells.  Many of the effects of exercise are longer-term, though. What if you want to use exercise tactically rather than strategically: Maybe to prime your mental pump so you can better learn a new skill or technique, or to remember something important? Science to the rescue. Say you want to learn or improve a task where motor skills are involved. According to a 2018 study published in Scientific Reports, 15 minutes of cycling at 80 percent of max heart rate ("intense" exercise) resulted in better memory more...