Follow the paediatric vaccine schedule even amid coronavirus pandemic

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Paediatricians across the globe are getting millions of queries from parents about the routine vaccinations for toddlers and children during the coronavirus pandemic. Though the second wave of the infection is more deadly, doctors should urge parents to get their child’s vaccination done routinely because it protects them from other serious infectious diseases.
Even the World Health Organisation has listed immunisation as an essential health service. However, the sudden rise in Covid-19 cases with hospitals is overflowing with Covid patients, makes parents skeptical about getting their child vaccinated, there is a tendency to delay it further.
But by delaying, it could unnecessarily be harmful and in some cases even fatal for your children.

Without the protection of vaccines, diseases can spread quickly which can lead to harmful consequences.
* Influenza
* Rotavirus
Parents should not delay the baby’s booster vaccination dose without discussing it with the more...