How To Make Better-Tasting Quinoa, According To A Master


This past May, Miami Herald sports writer Michelle Kaufman wrote about the how the new Major League Soccer Inter Miami team has improved their collective diet. With the help of certified dietician Lissette Cornejo and former Delano and Intercontinental chef Elizabeth Barlow, they’ve gone from dining at Hooter’s after games and practices to partaking in the cafeteria. There, an array of options awaits, including grilled fish with quinoa.

In the piece, midfielder Lewis Morgan is one player who specifically mentions quinoa as a reliable lunch standard.

The football pitch is not the only place in South Florida where protein-heavy quinoa makes a serious impression. In Miami, where a bountiful mix of Latinx populations thrive and share their food traditions, quinoa has long been a staple on plenty of menus, especially in the hundreds of Peruvian restaurants. And when celebrity chef Lorena Garcia’s pan-Latinx restaurant Chica Miami opened shortly before the pandemic, it was prominently part-and-parcel of several dishes. Let her more...