What You Really Need To Know About Avoiding Ticks This Summer


Warmer weather means more pesky insects we need to avoid, including ticks. Tick bites have been on the rise in recent years ― and there are a number of factors that likely contribute to this.

“Ticks thrive best in warmer conditions, so increasing temperatures, both in the summer and winter, may result in a greater number of ticks and tick bites,” said Matthew Aardema, an assistant professor of biology at Montclair State University.

Growing deer populations in certain parts of the country have also likely led to a greater number of ticks. And a larger proportion of people spending time outdoors engaged in activities like hiking or gardening, which have become popular pandemic era de-stressors, is another contributor to the increase in tick bites.

An increase in tick encounters can cause things like Lyme disease, which is also on the rise. In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 47,743 cases of tick-borne diseases. In 2019, the number...read more...