Calls for healthy lifestyle, awareness renewed on World Diabetes Day

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — On   World Diabetes Day, which annually falls on November 14, physicians renewed their calls on the public to follow a healthier lifestyle as more than two million Jordanians are diagnosed with the chronic illness. President of the Jordanian Diabetes Association Nadima Shaqam said in remarks to The Jordan Times that “discovering early signs of diabetes and identifying those at risk is an important and life-saving job done by doctors”. Shaqam called for “strengthening healthcare systems by employing more nurses and doctors, training them and activating their role in making a difference”. Previous national studies have shown that 46 per cent of Jordanians above the age of 25 have diabetes, 78 per cent are overweight, 44 per cent have high blood pressure and 50 per cent have lipid problems.  Head of the National more...