Virus crisis exacerbates mental health issues — experts

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — As the presence of COVID-19 in people’s lives lingers on and infections in Jordan have increased significantly in the last couple months, mental health issues have noticeably increased among the population, according to psychiatric experts. Many new cases of anxiety and depression have emerged through the crisis, while some patients already diagnosed have experienced a regression in their condition, specialist psychiatrist Mohammad Abu Halimah told The Jordan Times over the phone on Sunday. “The coronavirus crisis has impacted people’s lives in regard to economy, health and family affairs, and with its global presence and wide media coverage, the impact was more visible,” Abu Halimah said. He explained that the impact of COVID-19 has been very significant because even now, almost a year later, it is still present. “The psychological impact also stems from the way countries have dealt with the virus and attempted to prevent its spread, which affected people’s finances, their own economies and the economy of the world at large,” Abu Halimah said. He added that “these measures have changed people’s traditions and norms greatly, preventing them from holding funerals and mourning their dear ones or celebrating achievements and marriages through parties, thus limiting their social activity.” According to the psychiatrist, more...