New Yorkers seek to shed pandemic pounds

SourceKuwait Times

As fitness-conscious New York emerges from the pandemic, many residents are hitting the gym to get back in shape, but without putting too much pressure on themselves after the psychological stresses of the past 15 months. Thirty-year-old Benny Maidenbaum comes from a family of sportsmen and said he’s always been “very active.” Basketball twice a week and pounding sidewalks as a real estate agent kept him fit. But in March 2020, all that stopped.

“I had no activity, was sitting at home. I gained weight, like 15-20 pounds (seven-nine kilograms). They call it ‘corona weight,’” he tells AFP at TS fitness studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Health journals and articles have indeed talked about “Quarantine 15”-unwanted extra pounds gained from the upheaval of our daily routines, including lack of activities and emotional eating caused by the anxiety of the pandemic. About 42 percent of American adults said they had gained more weight than they intended-an average of 29 pounds-during more...