Indians reach out with helping hands as COVID spirals

SourceNational News Agency - Lebanon

NNA – Even the darkest cloud, it is said, has a silver lining. And because most oft-quoted cliches are rooted in reality, myriad acts of kindness, be it home-cooked meals for the ill or arranging an oxygen cylinder, are shining through India’s gravest health emergency.

As India reports upwards of 3.5 lakh fresh Covid cases a day, people infected and isolated find that succour is close at hand sometimes neighbours and other times a faceless name on social media reaching out to help in any which way. Just so they can, without any motive in mind.

From people offering to run errands and home kitchens delivering meals to organisations and individuals stepping in to supply oxygen cylinders, oximeters and the like, the goodness runs like an undercurrent through the tragic times.

And so, realising that entire families are in quarantine in many homes in her city and more...