A Year Of Coronavirus: Hanging Tough And Hopeful

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Share to Linkedin The first known case of coronavirus in the United States was confirmed on January 21, 2020, and the first known death on February 6. Within weeks of the news that Covid-19 was spreading globally, pollsters in the US and abroad began to examine Americans' reactions to the outbreak. In the new issue of the AEI Polling Report, we review ten interesting public opinion trends we have followed closely for the past year. The polling business has some serious challenges, but their quick and comprehensive coverage of the virus will be useful in the historical record of the devastating pandemic.

While the trends show that Americans are hanging tough, the toll has nonetheless been substantial. Below are brief descriptions of some of the main currents we've seen in the polls: As the death toll in the US from coronavirus surpasses 500, 000 people, the pollsters' attentiveness to documenting how ordinary Americans are living through the pandemic will continue to provide invaluable information about a grim year. ...read more...