Actress Jameela Jamil to host empowering Instagram workout inspired by her ‘traumatic’ history with fitness

SourceArab News
CountryMiddle east

DUBAI: May is Mental Health Awareness Month and actress Jameela Jamil has something special in store for her fans to mark the occasion. The “The Good Place” star has invited her 3. 4 million followers to a 30-minute online “exercise class where we wear pajamas, eat snacks and listen to disco while doing very silly aerobics.” The 34-year-old teamed up with her longtime friend and trainer for an Instagram Live “cringe fest” workout on Saturday in an effort to “take exercise back.” “Watch me have the elegance of a walrus as I jump into happiness on Instagram Live,” wrote British-Pakistani-Indian Jameel ahead of the session.

All that’s needed to attend the virtual workout class was a delicious snack and a comfortable outfit. “Bring a delicious snack, baggy clothes and leave your eating disorder fears at the door because this can be a safe space away from the noise of toxic diet culture,” she wrote to her followers. Jamil, who more...