COVID-19 vaccines, jobs and the economy: Physical health leads to economic health

SourceGulf News
CountryMiddle east

Question: What’s the correlation between vaccines and the economy? Answer: It is direct, clear and present. Without physical health, there’s no economic health. A newly-emergent pathogen for which no vaccine or antidote works spooks markets.

In the absence of vaccines, the global economy will be smashed to smithereens, like the world has seen with the “Great Lockdown”. Without vaccines, a disease allowed to run amok across continents will ultimately have an untold, crushing outcome. The flipside is also true: herd immunity and economic growth go together well, say experts. Research tracking the economic impact of vaccinations over the past 80 years, for which data are available, shows eradicating infectious diseases have a “symbiotic effect” on key economic markers. These include improved productivity, cost savings and life expectancy. Vaccines also improve healthcare equity, the overall welfare of families and the so-called “social infrastructure”. Research published in the journal pointed to the health, economic and social benefits of vaccines. “The impact more...