Exercise not only helps with mental health – it makes us more creative too, say scientists

SourceWorld Economic Forum
CountryMiddle east

A positive link has been found between exercise and creativity by researchers in Austria. The study shows physically active participants were more inventive than those with a more sedentary lifestyle – but they were not always more happy. The results suggest that movement, rather than happiness, is the catalyst for being more creative. A US study found that exercise reduces the number of days per month a person experiences poor mental health by more than 43%. If jogging, cycling or brisk walks are an essential part of your daily routine, you may be better able to think outside the box than your couch-loving friends or neighbours. The link between physical exercise and improved health – in both body and mind – is long-established, but an active lifestyle also makes you more creative, scientists have found. Researchers at Austria’s University of Graz analyzed the impact of regular exercise on the human imagination and found a clear relationship between healthy lifestyles, positive mood and innovative thinking. In general, more active meant more creative – but why? Boosting creativity levelsA group of 79 adults aged between 18 and 33 years were studied over a five-day period, their “everyday bodily movement” was recorded, and ...read more...