Macron and Harris agree to closely cooperate on COVID, climate and democracy

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French President Emmanuel Macron and US Vice President Kamala Harris agreed on the need for close cooperation on COVID-19, climate change and democracy in their first exchange since the vice president's January inauguration.Harris expressed her "commitment to strengthening bilateral ties" between the US and France and to "revitalising the transatlantic alliance," the vice president's office said in a readout of the call.They also discussed regional challenges including those in the Middle East and Africa, the statement said.Macron tweeted that he was "glad" to have had this first conversation with the vice president."Let's move forward together on all the challenges we face: climate, gender equality, regional crises, and our space cooperation with (hopefully) a new step this Thursday with Perseverance’s landing on Mars," Macron tweeted.Harris thanked Macron for his leadership on gender equality and for France's contribution to NASA's Mars Perserverance rover.The rover is scheduled to land on Mars on Thursday with the aim of collecting rock and soil samples more...