Mena Covid-19 vaccine tracker (July 2021) – MEED

CountryMiddle east

Regional immunisation programmes in the Middle East and North Africa pick up pace as vaccine supplies are secured amid the advance of the delta variant

This package also includes:

> Mena has more than 10 million Covid-19 cases
> New priorities for the post-Covid workspace
> Iran renews restrictions as fifth wave feared

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*=Four-week case rate per million people, as of 12 July 2021

Algeria / 292*
Vaccine stockpile grows as 1.6 million doses of Sinovac jab are shipped from China. 

Bahrain / 5,168*
Timeline to administer booster shots is advanced to one month after the second dose for specific cases.

Egypt / 99*
Cairo is to receive 2 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab and further shipments of materials in order to produce Sinovac locally.

Iran / 4,140*
Emergency use of a second domestic Covid-19 vaccine, called Pasteur Vaccine, is approved.

Iraq / 4,467*
Health Ministry launches programme in government institutions to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Jordan / 1,359*
Amman receives $2.75m grant from Doha to support its inoculation efforts for citizens and more...