A hospital that ‘smartly’ saves precious moments

SourceGulf News

A hospital is a place where one needs to feel that one is in safe hands, in a secured environment, and with quick moving interventions. Afterall, it’s a matter of life and death in most cases. A hospital should essentially amalgamate mortality statistics and grasp the importance of regularly assessing and analyzing that data.

The data should then assist in basing critical decisions for planning the hospital, its clinical protocols and improving outcomes. Periodically reviewing such data helps in accurate preparedness and better results for the patients. At Fakeeh University Hospital, the team has a strong grasp on this concept. As a result, the hospital has been meticulously planned to have all lifesaving facilities close to each other for instance, Radiology – MRI, CT, Sonography and Operation Theatre are all located on the same floor and close to each other making the movability of the patient easier and less time taking. This strategic step saves time, especially in emergency cases....read more...