Allurion Addresses the Negative Impacts of Covid-19 on How we Now Eat – MENAFN.COM


Dubai, UAE: In a survey conducted by Allurion amongst 1, 000 people aged 18 – 65 in the UAE, it was brought to light that the Coronavirus pandemic has altered the communities approach to food, making way for a new normal of heightened snacking, and thus a trend of indulgence and worrying health complications resulting in these new habits. It was reported by Allurion that besides keeping in contact with family and friends via video and phone calls, one of the most increased activities during the pandemic was snacking, with 53% of the UAE residents eating more frequently between meals than they used to do before the pandemic. Interestingly, besides being less physically active, snacking has been identified as the main cause of weight gain in the UAE, with a resulting 47% of UAE residents eating more than they used to before the pandemic.

As the second quarter of the year commences, it is clear the Covid-19 pandemic more...