Cell and gene therapies can radically change treatment

SourceGulf Today
CountryMiddle east

Cell and gene therapies combined with the burgeoning digital health and artificial intelligence shall remain to be a nucleus and continually pivot the intensely-competitive pharmaceutical industry, accelerating solutions for improved health and better outcomes. This was emphasised at the “Virtual Pharma Media Day” of the healthcare-agriculture global enterprise Bayer on Wednesday (noon to 2.30 pm, UAE time), attended by 200 journalists from 30 countries. Cell therapy is the delivery or injection of “functioning cells into a patient’s body to achieve a medicinal effect-to prevent, manage or cure a certain illness or to repair and regenerate damaged cells.” Gene therapy uses a genetic material into a “patient’s cell so that cells which have been lacking the correct instructions to work properly receive the genetic information that will allow them to restore their function.” The increasing significance of cell and gene therapies, as well as digital health and artificial intelligence, relative to pervading health challenges such as the yet-to-resolve central nervous system degenerative disorder Parkinson’s disease, was well-discussed with a panel of experts. At the open forum, Bayer AG Board of Management member/Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division president Stefan Oelrich, at some point, commented: “Medicine is an accessory ...read more...