Dubai announces new Covid safety rules: Full list

SourceKhaleej Times

Authorities in Dubai have issued multiple new Covid-19 safety measures to protect residents and tourists from the coronavirus. Inspectors from regulatory bodies like the Dubai Economy, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Tourism are out on the field to ensure that all precautionary measures are followed at outlets and venues. The fresh directives will ensure more social distancing at private gatherings, weddings, eateries, gyms and hospitals across the emirate. Here is a list of all the announcements that were made over the weekend. >> Only first-degree relatives at parties, weddings According to Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, only first-degree relatives can attend weddings, social events and private parties. The maximum number of guests allowed has been capped at 10. The directive — which is applicable for events at homes and hotels — is effective from Wednesday, January 27. >> Social distancing at restaurants Tables at restaurants in Dubai will be set up three metres apart — up from the previous two metres.

Additionally, the number of people allowed to sit on one table has been capped at seven — reduced from 10 earlier. >> Safety at cafes Only four patrons are allowed per table at more...