How Covid spreads: Dubai lists 5 misconceptions

SourceKhaleej Times

With the world battling Covid-19 for over a year, a certain pandemic fatigue has set in. People have come up with their own theories that are not backed by science and research. The UAE has been doing a stellar job in keeping the virus at bay, even as the country ramps up its Covid-19 vaccination drive. However, myths are flying fast and thick among residents, contributing to the spread of the virus. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has taken to Twitter to list out some common misconceptions "we hear everyday". Make sure you act responsibly and don't fall for these: >> I am tired of wearing the mask: Read our report on how double-masking offers protection from new Covid strains. >> I am a close contact, but my test result is negative: Regardless of the test result, a close contact has to quarantine for 10 days as he/she can be a virus carrier. >> I am a close contact, but I don't have more...