Smokers, vapers risk developing severe Covid symptoms

SourceKhaleej Times

Tobacco smokers and vapers are vulnerable to contracting Covid-19 and risk hospitalisation following severe symptoms, medical experts said. A recent study by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) on 2,000 Covid-19 patients found that up to 13 per cent of vapers required hospitalisation, more than three times of those who don’t smoke. The number was down to 6 per cent among smokers.

Dr Umar Majid, specialist respiratory medicine, NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain, noted that smokers or vapers had an increased risk of developing more severe Covid-19 symptoms, organ failures or in some cases, even death. “Both smoking and vaping release several harmful chemicals and particles into the lungs that lower the immune response to infections. Covid-19 primarily attacks the lungs. Hence smokers are more likely to get serious lung infections such as pneumonia. They are at greater risk of a complication called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), where the fluid builds up in the tiny air more...