UAE, a forward-looking vision to contain Covid-19 with vaccines and drugs

SourceEmirates Business

With a long-term forward-looking vision, the UAE continues its efforts to combat the spread of the Covid-19 variant, with the Ministry of Health and Prevention announcing the adoption of one of the most important modern pharmaceutical drugs that have proven its efficacy in treating the virus so that the country goes far in containing and quelling it. “Prevention, treatment and continuity of business and services” was the country’s well-defined strategy since the official announcement of the first confirmed Covid-19 case. Just as it has been a pioneer in providing various vaccines against the Covid-19 to citizens and residents since the emergence of the pandemic without any discrimination, the UAE has once again proved its precedence in providing the latest advanced drug to treat the virus.

A step that affirms the clarity of the UAE’s proactive approach, not only in dealing with the pandemic, but in combating the virus, the acquisition and transfer of experiences to others, and the more...