UAE: Are new viruses reason for spike in common cold, flu this season?

  • Date: 06-May-2022
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Country: UAE
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UAE: Are new viruses reason for spike in common cold, flu this season?

Dr Maria Clarissa Sagun, general practitioner, Prime Medical Center - Barsha Heights, says: “A lot of people find that they keep getting ill nowadays. It is believed that this is a result of first encounters with new viruses and the body’s immune response. Determining the cause of the illness is a bit difficult as Covid-19, flu, colds, and allergies may have overlapping signs and symptoms.

“Prevention is still the best cure. Measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 can also prevent the spread of flu and cold. Wearing masks, avoiding close contact with the sick, vaccination, and frequent washing of hands are key to avoid contracting illnesses.”

Dr Ponnusamy Tamilvendan, specialist internal medicine, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, said: “There are different kinds of viral infections out of which Influenza A and B are more virulent in causing illness. These are not something new — they have been doing the rounds periodically, and infection rates increase during seasonal changes. Since Covid-19 was ruling the world for the last two years, we were not seeing many of these infections.

“As Covid infections decline, other viral infections are manifesting. The flu vaccine taken every year helps to prevent Influenza. Ways to prevent flu viral infections are the