UAE: Doctors say most critical Covid patients are unvaccinated

SourceKhaleej Times

A 40-year-old man is fighting for his life in Dubai after he was struck with Covid-19 around three weeks ago. It is not clear which variant of Covid-19 took him down, but what was clear was that he had not taken any of the vaccines. MB, a businessman, was gasping for air when he was rushed to a nearby hospital.

He had high fever for the last four days, but he didn’t visit a doctor as he thought he would get okay by popping a couple of Panadols, but what made matters worse was his Type 1 diabetes. Speaking to Khaleej Times after being stabilised temporarily at the hospital, MB said: “I wasn’t sure which Covid vaccine to take, so I adopted a wait-and-watch policy, which probably was the greatest mistake in my life. I had heard various reviews about different vaccines, so I delayed taking the shots even though I knew it was dangerous for me, as I more...