UAE: Opening events to vaccinated residents will help curb Covid

SourceKhaleej Times

The UAE had recently announced that events in the country are open only to vaccinated residents. Additionally, spectators are required to comply by all Covid safety measures, including wearing a mask at all times and maintaining a safe social distance. According to a YouGov survey of 1,006 people, vaccinated residents are most comfortable visiting outdoor public places, but less relaxed about attending concerts and wedding events.

Only about half of the surveyed UAE residents (49 per cent) had heard about the vaccinated-only rule and other guidelines. Some had heard about it but were not completely aware of the rules (28 per cent), while others were totally unaware (17 per cent) or unsure about it (6 per cent). Among the surveyed respondents, three in five claimed they were fully vaccinated. One in seven (14 per cent) had started the process, while one in five (19 per cent) intend to take the shots soon. The rest are either unwilling or more...