UAE: The invisible stress of being a mum – and why dads just don’t get it

SourceGulf News

My favourite ring has a small split in it. It’s so small that nobody would notice except me. But it bothers me.

Whenever it comes into my line of vision, I have a fly-by thought about dropping the ring into the Gold and Diamond Park to get it fixed. I have had that thought multiple times per day, every day, since I first noticed the split. That was approximately two years ago. It would take 10 minutes to drop it in and cost about Dh50. But, honestly, it is so low down my list of priorities that it doesn’t make it onto any day’s “to do” list. Even if it did make it on to the list, it would be the first thing bumped off – as, inevitably, superfluous missions like this always are – because I am time-poor. I am skint on seconds. I don’t have two minutes to rub together. Between work, kids and running a home, more...