UAE: Why do I need to take two doses of COVID-19 vaccine? MOHAP explains

SourceGulf News

Dubai: If you are unsure about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, or have questions about how one vaccine differs from the other, why you need to take two doses and what happens if you skip the second dose, the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has answers. In a series of posts on its official social media channels, MOHAP shared information on how effective vaccines are in helping fight COVID-19 and why it is important to abide by the second dose. These are the responses to commonly asked questions on the COVID-19 vaccine as shared by MOHAP. MOHAP: The vaccine activates two types of cells, but they are short-lived.

Active cells for a short time will not give you adequate protection. Adhere to the second dose to receive better results. MOHAP: The second dose is a tool to expose the body again to antigens (molecules) that exist in the disease and trigger an immune response. MOHAP: A vaccine more...