Honeywell Real-time Health Monitoring System improves caregiver efficiency

  • Date: 18-Apr-2023
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Country:UAE
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Honeywell Real-time Health Monitoring System improves caregiver efficiency

- Combination of hardware and software automates time-consuming and critical tasks for medical personnel, reducing workloads and potential errors

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) announced today it has developed a real-time health monitoring system, which captures and records patients’ vital signs both within the hospital setting and remotely. Honeywell’s solution uses advanced sensing technology to monitor vital signs via a skin patch, which connects the data instantaneously to healthcare providers on mobile devices and an online dashboard.

The Association of American Medical Colleges projects there will be a physician shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians by 2034[1]. Additionally, physician and nursing density in many MENA countries has been reported to be lower when compared to countries with similar income and a decline in physician densities was seen in several countries in the region[2]. The situation exacerbates in the context of the healthcare sector, which is expected to grow 7% annually until 2025[3].

Hospital systems and healthcare providers are already preparing for the clinician shortfall by implementing technologies and tools to improve efficiency, while still maintaining high levels of care. Honeywell’s real-time health monitoring system provides doctors and nurses a solution to remotely monitor patients in the hospital or at home.