How you can help the UAE curb the spread of mosquitoes

  • Date: 15-May-2024
  • Source: Gulf News
  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Country:UAE
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How you can help the UAE curb the spread of mosquitoes

Still from video of an Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre team member using control measures against mosquitoes, flies and other pests

Image Credit: Screengrab/X

Dubai: Want to know how you can help the UAE stop the spread of mosquitoes? If you spot an increase of mosquitoes in certain areas, all you have to do is call your emirate’s health department or municipal authority, in order to address the issue.

The UAE’s anti-mosquito campaign

The UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) launched the first phase of the campaign in February 2022 and will continue it until May 2025. On May 4, MOCCAE and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) started the third phase of the campaign, after the recent heavy rainfall across the UAE that led to an increase in the spread of mosquitoes in in water pools and damp areas.

In order to curb the growth mosquitoes in the UAE, MOCCAE needs the help of citizens and residents to collaborate with authorities to report any sightings or breeding locations of mosquitoes through the call centre 800 3050.

During the third phase of their campaign, MOCCAE emphasised that all the materials deployed in mosquito control are safe for