UAE health workers to get vaccine first as coronavirus cases rise again

SourceArabian Business
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

New daily coronavirus cases in the UAE rose to 777 in the past 24 hours from 640 the previous day but were down from their peak on Saturday. The Ministry of Health said it conducted 61,084 tests, with 777 new cases, 530 recoveries and no further deaths registered. Total cases in the UAE now stand at 82,660 while recoveries total 69,981 and deaths remain at 399. In an update about the UAE's Phase III trials of an inactivated vaccine for coronavirus, health officials announced that the first recipients will be frontline health workers. The 4Humanity trials, developed by Sinopharm CNBG, are being managed by Abu-Dhabi based G42 Healthcare in partnership with the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) and Abu Dhabi Health Services more...