Iveco drives the success ecosystem forward

  • Date: 17-May-2024
  • Source: Gulf News
  • Sector:Industrial
  • Country:Egypt
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Iveco drives the success ecosystem forward

Torta oversaw operations as Managing Director of Atlas Vehicles Industries, a joint venture between Iveco and local entrepreneurs, following Iveco’s activities in Morocco.

From 2006 till end-2009, Torta oversaw operations in his role as Managing Director for the Automotive Manufacturing Co. in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, a joint venture between Iveco and the Ethiopian Ministry of Industry, and that represented Iveco’s activities in East Africa. From 2010 till mid-2011, Torta was back at the Iveco representative office in Cairo, following up on operations in Egypt and the Levante countries. This finally led to his current role as Area Manager, overseeing operations for select Gulf and Middle East countries (the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Iraq and Jordan).

With plurennial experience in commercial operations and business development, Torta excels in creating unique business development strategies and exploring product opportunities, while enriching his team with rich experience in marketing and market intelligence.

Doffing a cap to the experience he gained in several managerial capacities at Iveco in Africa, Torta says, “During my 30 years’ experience in Africa & the Middle East, I have acquired the capability to manage multicultural groups.” It is a key factor that contributes towards Torta’s ability to manage his team