LE6B spent on introducing utilities in industrial zones at Qena, Sohag

SourceEgypt Today

CAIRO – 22 July 2021: Director of the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt Hisham al-Helbawy told press Thursday that LE6 billion were spent on introducing utilities in the industrial zones of the governorates of Qena and Sohag. Minister of Local Development, Mahmoud Shaarawy, announced the allocation of about LE19.8 billion to implement the governorates’ investment plan during fiscal year 2022-2021. Shaarawy said in a statement earlier in July that these funds will be used to support the urgent and emergency needs of the governorates and to complete the implementation of projects that have been started in the areas of extending and strengthening electricity networks, lighting, paving roads, improving the environment, security, firefighting and traffic, and supporting the needs of local units.

He stressed that the implemented projects aim to improve the environmental status to preserve the health of citizens, improve electricity services to meet the needs of citizens, allow the implementation of small and medium-sized projects with economic...read more...