Expert: Beware Of Simple Solutions – Tree Planting Won’t Solve Climate Change

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Over the past few weeks, I have written two articles (The Future is Now, License to Print Money) highlighting the new industry of Carbon Sequestration-as-a-Service. CSaaS is helping forward-leaning firms like Shopify achieve carbon neutrality and is made possible by the intellectual property “software” of Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture (DAC) technology and the project development “hardware” of companies like 1PointFive, Pale Blue Dot, and Occidental Petroleum OXY . A rendering of the engineering plans for the first industrial-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) ... [+] facility in Texas. This is not an artist's representation, but represents over 25,000 engineering man-hours' worth of plans. Since publishing these articles, I’ve gotten a flood of emails from readers on both sides more...