17 Asian American-Owned Beauty Brands To Support


Without the immense influence that Asian skin care has had over the past decade, the beauty industry would be nothing like it is now.

Asian beauty ingredients, traditions and sensibilities have had a significant impact on everything we do for our beauty routines, thanks in part to brands like Tatcha, Then I Met You and Glow Recipe. The popularity of beauty influencers like Bretman Rock, Patrick Starr and Nabela Noor has even further cemented the authority that Asian Americans have in the beauty world.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Daniel Martin, the celebrity makeup artist and global director of artistry and education for Tatcha, remembers when Asians had extremely limited visibility in the beauty industry. In the ’90s, when he was just getting started, the only two Asian beauty brands that were known in the U.S. were Shiseido and Shu Uemura, and neither was a household name like Revlon or CoverGirl.

“At the time, Asian beauty standards and brands were...