New Online Industrial Gate to Back Products Made in GCC States

SourceAsharq AL-awsat

The Federation of Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers of Commerce (FGCCC) on Sunday launched the first-ever official integrated digital platform designed to support all Gulf companies and factories and promote products made in Gulf states. FGCCC Secretary-General Saud al-Meshari confirmed that the newly established portal is part of a series of platforms launched by the Chambers to match the trend of digital transformation and facilitate means of joint cooperation. The industrial platform works to provide opportunities to national industries in the Gulf region, especially the heavyweights competing internationally. A joint cooperation agreement was signed between the FGCCC and the Business Portal Foundation to work on the Chambers’ publications and the technological development of specialized platforms that support digital transformation in the Gulf market and to establish specialized platforms that support private sector business owners and investors in GCC countries. Mohammed Al-Jabri, CEO of the Business Sector Gate Foundation in the UAE and a founding partner of the platform, confirmed that work is underway more...