The trucking industry has begun to turn electric — but passenger vehicles will take a little longer – MENAFN.COM


(MENAFN – The Conversation) Australia’s trucking industry is making moves to go electric. The latest development — a system for using swappable batteries instead of time-consuming recharge stations for long-haul trucks between Sydney and Brisbane — shows how this transition is gathering momentum. There will be clear socio-economic, environmental and health-related benefits from the switch to electric trucks — for the broader community as well as for the trucking industry and truckies themselves.

As electric vehicle researchers, we think swappable batteries could work well for trucking, but are perhaps less suitable for everyday electric cars. There are many benefits from electrifying truck transport. Companies such as Woolworths and Ikea have already started to transition to electric delivery vans for the environmental benefits (and a possible boost for their brands). Many leading truck manufacturers such as Scania , Mercedes Benz and Volvo are proceeding apace with trials and plans to make their trucks electric. Trucks make up 20% of the more...