There’s An Exhibition Next Month To Support Made In Lebanon Businesses

  • Date: 02-Apr-2024
  • Source: The961
  • Sector:Industrial
  • Country:Lebanon
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There’s An Exhibition Next Month To Support Made In Lebanon Businesses

Caretaker Minister of Industry, George Bouchikian, unveiled in a press conference the “Made in Lebanon” exhibition scheduled for May 9th at the Forum De Beyrouth.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and the Lebanese Industrialists Association, the event is organized by Media Trade and Weddings Mall.

During a press conference, Minister Bouchikian introduced the slogan “Lebanon’s Pulse is its Industry”, underscoring the industrial sector’s pivotal role as the “heart of Lebanon”, pulsating with vitality, renewal, production, innovation, and modernity.

The “Made in Lebanon” 2024 exhibition aims to showcase Lebanon’s diverse and high-quality production across various sectors, including food, beverages, clothing, jewelry, design, technology, and services.

Minister Bouchikian emphasized during the press conference collaboration with foreign ambassadors to expand markets for Lebanese products.

He also stressed the importance of domestic marketing to preserve Lebanon’s heritage and history.

The “Made in Lebanon” exhibition is scheduled to take place from May 9 to 14 at the Forum De Beyrouth. The event will span over 12,000 m² and include 250 stands showcasing Lebanese products and innovations.

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