11 Zero-Proof Alternatives To Keep You Going Through Dry January – And Beyond

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Sourced Craft Cocktails, a gourmet cocktail delivery service, is offering low AVB and non-alcoholic ... [+] options. Courtesy of Sourced Craft Cocktails People usually start the year with the best intentions but find it difficult to keep up with those healthy resolutions. Dry January can be challenging for those of us who enjoy a variety of beverage flavors or prefer to stay away from too much coffee, sugar and artificially flavored drinks.

So here are a few suggestions that I have found enjoyable so far, and will remain on rotation moving forward. After all, Dry February is a thing. NADI is a brand of antioxidant rich rosehip juices that helps create job opportunities for refugees ... [+] in the country of Georgia. Courtesy of NADI NADI In America, we are used to seeing rosehips used as an ingredient in our beauty products. However, they have been used for centuries by Native Americans and healers in ancient China, Rome and the country of Georgia to strengthen the immune system, promote wound healing, cure digestive problems and improve blood circulation and heart health. ...read more...