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São Paulo – Falafel was the first product ever developed by Brazil-based food tech Amazonika Mundi . At the time, the company was still called Sottile Alimentos and was searching for some connection with the Amazon. What the founders already knew was that the company was to be plant-based.

”We were already fans of the Arab cuisine, and for the falafel we figured out how to maintain its originality but add something of Brazil to it. So, we brought lima beans to the recipe. We used to participate in many food shows back then, and in 2018 we went to Rock in Rio. Our falafel was a major hit,” said Thiago Rosolem, CEO and one of the founders of the company. Pictured above, falafel burger, one version of the Arab dish sold by the Brazilian brand. The original falafel is already based on plants, but Amazonika created a version with Brazilian ingredients. From that moment on, the brand’s creators more...