The 20 best trees to plant in your garden for every season

SourceThe Telegraph
CountryMiddle east

T he pretty, snowy white flowers bloom in early spring, before shades of yellow-green develop during the summer. Red berries appear in July. Rowan The pink berried rowan ( Sorbus vilmorinii ) is a very neat, compact mountain ash with ferny foliage and berries that change colour the wrong way round — from red to pink and then white. This versatile tree looks lovely in gardens all year-round, with its bright red berries attracting an array of birds. Its leaves begin to fall in autumn, before dainty white flowers make a return during the springtime.

Pyrus calleryana Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ forms a narrow, upright column and is clad in wonderful pear blossom in spring, with good foliage that colours up well in autumn. Bred by Edward Scanion in the United States, Pyrus calleryana  is perfect for urban areas with harsh conditions. It also grows well in a range of different soils. Chinese paperbark maple T he Chinese paperbark more...