Transforming mining sector into third pillar of Saudi industry: Al-Khorayef

SourceSaudi Gazette
CountrySaudi Arabia

RIYADH — In a virtual signing ceremony launched from Riyadh and headed by Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board Directors of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) Bandar Al-Khorayef one contract and three contract awarding documents were signed, as a part of the SGS ambitious Regional Geological Survey Program.The signing was between SGS and Sander Geophysics Arabia Ltd. (SGAL), Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics Company, China Geological Survey, and a Consortium of the United Kingdom’s International Geoscience Services Limited (IGS) and the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK).Al-Khorayef said: “This is an exciting start more...